Education or Education?

They taught you what they know….

In a class with a couple of under graduates within the age range of 19 – 26, a young chap from an average secondary school in the city asked a brilliant question in after school tutorials.

“Who are teachers?”

I stared into the eyes of the 30 participant who carefully glued their eyes in wait of the almighty definitions every other facilitator would have given them. I could have crafted a couple of difficult words and phrases into a whole paragraph of technical and less explanatory tale of what a teacher is.

My response was simple

“A teacher is probably one of the numerous facilitators you have met, who passed through the walls of the educational systems and possibly has some experience all put together to stand in front of you every other day to pass down the same knowledge”

What was I trying to say exactly is this; traditionally education has been taken to be a library load of knowledge without adequate concern for the update of such knowledge with the changing trends, sometimes backed with some experience although not adequate for the students.

The generations of today run with amazing speed and as a result of this the capacity of any educational / social system would be to not only pass latent skills and knowledge, but to also be robust enough to give the participants a social welcome with the involvement of exchanged learning and adequate practical experience on key impact areas affecting the world today.

This means that we are directly or indirectly involved in impacting knowledge to the upcoming generations. This is irrespective of whether or not we find ourselves in the classroom. As long as we are opportune to experience life as it is we should also find necessity in passing this knowledge to others especially when the survival of the world is dependent on the growing experiences and exchange of knowledge.

This one time, I found myself in an entry level training class in one of the new generation Banks. In the course of a soft skill session with the participants, a young vibrant and intelligent trainee popped the question

“Why did I have to spend all the years gathering knowledge within the walls of the higher institution and still find myself here in a training school?”

I answered

“Your lecturers? They thought you what they know…”

What is knowledge if it’s not updated, what is life without a shared experience?

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