Dear Writer,

It’s been donkey years since we had a profound conversation.

Perhaps you have been caught up with life’s inconsistency and somehow lost the connection with your muse. Should it be a worry that words are not given the right use anymore or that life has found meaning in somewhat destructive opinions in response to situations?

What if you saw the world differently? What if the inconsistencies spur inspirations that lay the foundation for constructive communications? What if you connected with your readers with opinions that could give life a better meaning?

You would be surprised at how much contribution you make to our daily lives with a few words and how often we long to hear from you each day. This we don’t wish to lose touch with, not now when we seek a lot of meanings to the myth of passing generations.

I hope we don’t find more worries than hope, I hope you help us in solving the puzzles of life, I hope life finds meaning through the wonders of your words.

I hope you find your muse again. I hope your messages find a way to our hearts and minds bringing warmth and a hope for a better life.

Sincerely yours,

A Concerned Reader

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