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Dear Writer

Dear Writer, It’s been donkey years since we had a profound conversation. Perhaps you have been caught up with life’s inconsistency and somehow lost the connection with your muse. Should it be a worry that words are not given the right use anymore or that life has found meaning in somewhat destructive opinions in response […]

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Are You As Brave As Corey Maison?

Her name is Corey Maison… She was born with a male anatomy but identifies as a female. Corey turned 15 a few days ago and she is transgender. We celebrate with her and wish her a belated Happy Birthday. Potter’s Perspective sends you lots of love from Africa’s most populous nation.

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Education or Education?

They taught you what they know…. In a class with a couple of under graduates within the age range of 19 – 26, a young chap from an average secondary school in the city asked a brilliant question in after school tutorials. “Who are teachers?” I stared into the eyes of the 30 participant who carefully […]

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Shhhh…Listen! Do you hear the sound of a Happy Person?

You can get all kinds of information from the internet these days. You can find countless advice from people who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, especially when it comes to happiness. In fact, you shouldn’t even trust me! Leaving that aside, here are some things (recommended by me) that you can do […]

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