Are You As Brave As Corey Maison?

Her name is Corey Maison She was born with a male anatomy but identifies as a female.

Corey turned 15 a few days ago and she is transgender. We celebrate with her and wish her a belated Happy Birthday. Potter’s Perspective sends you lots of love from Africa’s most populous nation.

We’ll share a video of her and a surprise gift she got from one of her supporters with you soon… Watch short clip of Corey on her Hoverboard gift here.

Five months ago in North Carolina where she resides, a law stipulated that she would to forced to use a male rest room and photographer Meg Button took a stand against the legislation with a post that read:

“If this girl in the photo above was your daughter, would you feel comfortable sending her into a men’s bathroom?”

Corey Maison - Potters Perspective (1)Corey Maison - Potters Perspective (1)

Below is a message from Corey herself:

“I will be myself no matter how many people try and hold me back. I am strong, determined, and BRAVE. Try walking a day in my shoes… then you can tell me you understand.”


Interestingly, 6 weeks ago, Corey put up a post on hr Instagram page, which revealed that shortly after North Carolina Lawmakers doubled down on hateful HB2 Law, the NBA moved its 2017 All-Star game.

As expected, Corey was full of thanks to the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver for standing up to the discrimination.

Corey Maison - Potters Perspective (3)

We’ll leave you with this question: “What would you say to Corey Maison right now if you had her as a sister or daughter?”

Feel free to say “hello” to her here.

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